Our Programs

The Central Florida Chapter of the National Black MBA focuses on the creation of intellectual and economic wealth that improves the financial condition of Black businesses, Black professionals, and the Black community. The chapter nurtures economic opportunity by 1) creating Professional Development programs, 2) establishing partnerships and 30 extending our influential network or relationships. This is done through our 5 Channels of Engagement. The 5 Channels of Engagement reflect the areas of high-impact and improvement opportunities that Black businesses, professionals and our community rely on for guidance. They are: Education, Career, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle.

Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment Series (EES) is our flagship professional development program. The leadership speaker series is comprised of the monthly professional and annual Leadership Workshops. EES events provide leading-edge content on the most important business topics of the day.

MBA: Applied

MBA Applied is a hands-on, experimental problem-solving and tacit learning through the study of the real-life business cases and apprenticeship-style workshops on the findings. Part of our professional development programming reflects that of a high-quality MBA Program. Our expectation is that through our efforts we can improve the success rate of minority owned business in the Central Florida area, while helping to improve the economic condition of our community. The scope of this project includes a Porter 5 Forces assessment, PEST Analysis, SWOT Analysis and a final overall recommendations summary.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) is our high school mentoring and professional development program designed to expand the cadre of Central Florida lack students who plan to attend college. Through monthly workshops, mentoring, and business case development series. This program teaches basic acumen and seeks to provide select students with the tools necessary to be successful in their collegiate endeavors. Scholarship opportunities are also available for qualified LOT Alumni Students attending any college.

MBA Social

MBA Socials are our unique collections of sophisticated social and business networking events we hold throughout the year. The purpose of our socials is to facilitate relationship building, share innovative ideas, make connections, explore partnerships, or simply just relax! We look forward tour partners using this opportunity to host and connect our members with your leadership and HR teams.

Who's Hiring Now

Who’s Hiring Now is our initiative to attack the region’s high unemployment rate among local professionals. As a benefit to our members and our partners, we offer career reception platforms to create opportunities for members to meet corporate recruiters and partners to meet qualified professionals.

Business Book Club

Business Book Club encourages members to continually engage in knowledge building through recommended professionals and personal development books. We host discussions with key points of learning highlighted by guest facilitators.