Shared-Service Model



The Central Florida Chapter has traditionally enjoyed strong partnerships with several organizations in the area. The mission the Chapter’s partnership team is to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with corporations, educational institutions and other community-based organizations. The primary objectives of this team is to 1) develop and nurture strategic partnerships and relationships and 2) collaborate with teams to facilitate value chain activities.


The Marketing Committee is responsible for promoting the Central Florida Chapter of the National Black MBA Association in this community and building and managing the brand. They are responsible for generating innovative ways to create awareness, interest and overall brand recognition of the Central Florida Chapter.


The Finance and Accounting team is primarily responsible for providing fiscal guidance and control of the chapter’s resources. These team members work with and respond to budgeting and spending matters as changes to objectives occur as well as ensuring that the chapter remains 501 (c) 3 compliant.


The Operations Committee is responsible for planning and running all chapter meetings, seminars and events. They work closely with the all teams and volunteers to ensure successful delivery of value and substance to our programs participants, members and partners.


The Administration team is primarily responsible for non-financial business matters for the Central Florida Chapter, which includes (but is not limited to) proper and timely submission of critical documents. The VP of Administration also has responsibility for the following teams:

MEMBERSHIP: An essential goal of our chapter is to increase membership each year. The membership committee is a significant part of this and is your direct link to the Central Florida Chapter. Team members are responsible for servicing our existing members as well as generating new members.

SCHOLARSHIP: The Scholarship Committee helps to raise funds for local scholarships, sets the criteria for awarding them, and distributes monies to our winners. The mission of this team is to set the criteria for determining and rewarding monies to scholarship winners.

SPECIAL EVENTS: This committee works for short period of times to help put on larger events for the chapter. This is a great committee to join if you cannot commit to serving in a leadership role for long periods of time. This committee is formed as each of these events are being planned.

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