About Us

The Central Florida Chapter of the National Black MBA Association, Inc. leads in the creation of educational opportunities and economic growth for black professionals.

Camille Dixon, MBA, CFE, LCAM

President’s Message

2024: 25 Years of Excellence

Welcome to the Central Florida Chapter of the National Black MBA Association, Inc. We are honored to have you join us on our mission lead in the creation of opportunities and economic growth for black professionals.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide a wealth of comprehensive programs and resources that empower both our members and the community, fostering personal and professional growth, advancement, and unparalleled success. As we stride into 2024, we proudly celebrate 25 years of excellence! We encourage you to leverage this monumental year to connect with the community, and sustain our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

On behalf of our dedicated leadership team, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your support of this chapter. We wholeheartedly invite you to delve deeper into our organization, mark your calendars for our upcoming events, and participate in our shared commitment to advancing the mission of the National Black MBA Association, Central Florida Chapter. Together, we will continue to be a catalyst for positive change, cultivate excellence, and create opportunities that benefit all.

The mission of the National Black MBA Association® is to lead in the creation of educational, wealth building, and growth opportunities for those historically underrepresented throughout their careers as students, entrepreneurs and professionals.

The Central Florida Chapter was incorporated in 1999 as a 501c(3) organization and currently serves members with undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees focused on business throughout the Central Florida Area in addition to reaching several hundred others who may participate in targeted programming throughout the year.

 The chapter nurtures economic opportunity by 1) creating Professional Development programs, 2) establishing partnerships and 3) extending our influential network of relationships.  This is done through our 5 Channels of Engagement which reflect the areas of high-impact and improvement opportunities that Black businesses, professionals and our community relies on for assistance and leadership. They are:


Develop capacity for learning to absorb and apply knowledge and compete academically.


Access to professional development opportunities to acquire new skills and competencies and to advance in their career.


Improves financial literacy and wellness and increases access to entrepreneurship opportunities.


Develop the ability to lead, to utilize resources to achieve outcomes and to navigate challenges.


Provide a sense of community to positively impact quality of life and personal growth.