Leaders of Tomorrow

The LOT program targets high school students who demonstrate promise, drive and ambition across a broad spectrum. We have developed a curriculum focused on leadership and business that combines lectures, class assignments and “hands on” activities allowing students to apply learning objectives designed to guide them toward lifelong success. The LOT program also includes such benefits as business education from and direct exposure to some of Central Florida’s leading professionals, entrepreneurs and educators.

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To expand the cadre of African-American students who enter college. Through bi-monthly workshops, the program seeks to provide select students with the tools necessary to be successful in their collegiate endeavors and teaches basic business acumen to prepare them for the workforce.


– Year-round workshops delivering a relevant and engaging business curriculum
– Networking opportunities with thousands of minority business professionals
– Opportunity to compete at the National Case Competition
– College and company site visits
– On-site mentoring with some of Central Florida’s local professionals
– Scholarship opportunities both nationally and locally
– Impactful community service projects


The LOT program focuses on the following elements:

Leadership Skills – – Students will learn how to become effective leaders in their school and community by practicing proper business etiquette and developing professional communication skills.

Financial Literacy– – Students will have the opportunity to learn basic financial management skills and build a solid foundation in the areas of budgeting, debt management, investing, credit, and more.

College Preparation and Career Planning – – Students will begin preparing for their collegiate future through goal-setting, scholarship research, and college tours.  They will also hear from professionals in various industries to get a more in depth look at career options. 

Annual Leadership Summit and Business Case Competition – – Students will obtain a greater understanding of key business concepts, terminology, and analysis techniques through case study and competition.

Community Service – – Students will engage and serve the Central Florida community by giving of their time and talents.


The Central Florida Chapter’s LOT mentors possess a diverse set of educational and professional experiences. Whether an Entrepreneur, Executive in a Fortune 500 company, Director of a non-profit organization, or a Masters or PhD candidate in pursuit of higher education, each is a leader in his or her own right.

Our LOT mentors believe in the power of knowledge transfer and are committed to fostering growth of intellectual and financial capital within the Black community through business and education. In keeping with the mission of the Central Florida Chapter, our LOT mentors collaborate to design and deliver a hard-hitting leadership development curriculum for each calendar year for our future leaders.